Bellevue Suites

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Bellevue Suites is a brand new Suite  Hotel , offering  unique services, exclusive accommodation, comfort and privacy  minutes away from the city center and right across from the Sea.

In a newly built complex that combines LUXURY, comfort and the element of  PRIVACY, Bellevue Suites are the exclusive choice for the world traveler and the seeker of elegance and a better-than-home experience, with two pools one on the ground floor and one on the 6th floor indoor heated during the winter months, with a PANORAMIC VIEW of the Aegean Sea.

Eleven Suites of  45 m2 & 65m2 with modern wooden details, marble floors, a unique combination of natural light and panoramic views are guaranteed to soothe away all stress and leave our guest feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Our Penthouse Suite, the top of luxury living at the heart of Rhodes Town, directly overlooking the Aegean Sea with private terrace and pool lets the mind set off on a journey.

Whether for a short trip or a longer stay the Bellevue Suite Hotel  provides “Luxury Living”.


The Bellevue Restaurant serves New Mediterranean cuisine with emphasis on quality materials and excellent technique at affordable prices.

The view from the Bellevue Restaurant is breathtaking, the uninterrupted views of the Aegean Sea are truly magnificent.

For Breakfast , Lunch,  the elegant environment of the Bellevue Restaurant creates a tranquil atmosphere with Mediterranean Specialties 




Η Μαρίνα Ρόδου

Δημιουργούμε στη Ρόδο μια από τις ωραιότερες μαρίνες της Μεσογείου που θα προσφέρει στους πελάτες της ολοκληρωμένες υπηρεσίες και υψηλού επιπέδου παροχές. Μια Μαρίνα φιλική προς το περιβάλλον που θα προσφέρει τη μέγιστη ασφάλεια. Ευελπιστούμε να εντάξουμε τη νέα Μαρίνα Ρόδου στις καλύτερες του κόσμου και να την κατατάξουμε στην κορυφή των προτιμήσεων όσων αγαπούν τον θαλάσσιο τουρισμό.