Dodekanisa guide ASTYPALAIA

General information

The "faith" and architecture of Astypalaia is determined by its position between the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, as it is the westernmost island of the latter. Astypalaia is 117 nautical miles from Piraeus and 96 nautical miles from Rhodes. Geographically and administratively the island belongs to the Dodecanese.

  • The capital of the island (Chora), is one of the most beautiful in Greece and its beaches -other organized and other totally pristine- are famous for their crystal blue waters.
  • The fresh fish served in the restaurants and taverns of the island, at very affordable prices, also comes from these waters.
  • The accommodations options here are few, but they offer all the modern comforts.
  • The territory stretches over 96.4 square kilometres forming two sides, the Mesa Nisi to the east and the Exo Nisi to the west, which are interconnected via a land crossing. Chora or Astropalia is located to the south of Exo Nisi.
  • There are other three other settlements: Livadia, Maltezana (or Analipsi) and Vathy. 
  • The terrain of Astypalaia is hilly, with low vegetation consisting of shrubs and brushwood. In the gullies olives and citrus thrive and often in the winter there are torrents.
  • Many rare seabirds (Aitogerakina, Falcon, Artemis, Shag, etc.) live both on the island and the surrounding islets, and also seals often make their appearance.



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