General information

Kasos, the southernmost island of the Dodecanese, lies southwest of Karpathos, between this island and Crete. The main settlement and capital of the island is Fri (pronounced like free). Other significant settlements are Agia Marina, Poli, Panagia, and Arvanitohori. Kasos was an important shipbuilding centre in the mid 19th century. Only between 1838-1888, 350 vessels were built in the shipyards of the island.

  • It has few beaches because of the rocky coast, but on the islet Armathia there are excellent beaches.
  • Kasos and Kasonisia, 14 smaller islands and islets around it together with the marine area, are integrated into the protected areas network Natura 2000.

The "sitaka", a local cheese from sheep's or goat’s milk, is usually eaten with makarounes (you we will eat at the festival of Christ on August 6). "Makarounes" is a type of pasta, similar to penne, and it is served with sitaka and sautéed onion or garlic (skordomakarounes).

  • Other unique products of Kasos are the "elaiki” (salty cheese that stays in a container with butter for 4-5 months), traditional kouloures, excellent honey and the well known from the antiquity Kasian butter, which is currently scarce.

Stephen of Byzantium used the names Amfi and Artravi. Pliny called the island Astravi and Achni or Kasos. Strabo also called it Astravi. The name Kasos has a Phoenician root. Kas means the foam of the stormy sea, since the passing between Kasos and Karpathos is one of the most turbulent parts of the Aegean.


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