Fri, which was founded in 1840 by residents of Agia Marina, is the capital and port of the island. It stretches over Bouka bay, which has the same of an eyebrow (“frydi”) and as the tradition says it was named after this settlement. The harbour for fishing boats in front of Fri is also called Bouka. Admire the stone mansions and the captain houses. Half a mile east of Fri is the old harbour, Emporios. It was the port of the ancient capital of the island, Poli. In place of the current Poli there is a deserted castle with a ruined wall. In the wider region they have found hewn tombs of the 4th and 3rd century BC, vases, urns, headstones and Hellenistic inscriptions.


2 km south west of the settlement of Agia Marina you will find Selai cave with its impressive stalactites. The cave has a depth of 30 metres and a width of 8 metres.


It is the largest of the islets around Kasos. Until the mid 20th century gypsum was mined here and there was a settlement. Today the visitor will only see ruins and the chapel of the Visitation, which comes to life every February 2, when the locals enjoy themselves at the festival. In Armathia you will find excellent beaches like Marmara, Karavostasi and Apopantoula.


Archaelogical finds has been spotted all over Kasos. Traces of four Minoan settlements have been found in the south western part of the bay and Chelatros. Another important site is the cave Ellinokamara. You will get there after 15 minutes of hiking from Agia Marina to the south-west. The Kasians fled here to escape the pirates.

  • In the cave they have found pottery from various eras and it is alleged that it was a place of worship from the Mycenaean to the Hellenistic era.


In Fri you can visit the church of St. Spyridon, which was built in the early 20th century, featuring a carved iconostasis and a bell tower with a clock. In Emporio you can see the church of the Baptism of the Virgin, which was built in 1856.


You can visit the monastery of St. George in Xadies, 10 km south west of the village of Agia Marina, and you can stay overnight at the guesthouses. The monastery has excellent frescoes and an impressive carved iconostasis. In the monastery of St. Mamas, 4 km to the south-east of Poli, you will see the mosaic floor of the ledger, and even an excellent woodcut iconostasis. Here you can stay in the guest house operating next to the church.


Ιt is located in Fri, hosted in the building of the old town hall. Apart from archaeological artefacts (inscriptions, architectural members, coins, vases, etc.), there is also folklore material exhibited.


Visit Arvanitochori where an old mansion has been converted into a Folklore museum. There you will find traditional objects of the everyday life of the locals and old furniture. In Fri you can also see the representation of a typical traditional house in the house of Mrs Julia Daskalaki-Diamantidis.


About Rhodes Marina

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