General information

For decades, Leros had been a place of exile and detention of the mentally diseased. Today Leros, finally free from the burdens of the past, has slowly but firmly established itself as an attractive alternative destination. Its natural beauty, its seabed, its cultural tradition, the friendliness of the residents and the high level of tourism infrastructure are just few of the many advantages of perhaps the most "misunderstood" island of the Dodecanese.

  • Leros is situated between Patmos and Kalymnos and it covers an area of ​​54 square kilometres.
  • The terrain is smooth and it composes of hills and small fertile valleys, while the coasts form seven bays and two isthmi, giving the island the shape of a Chinese ideogram.
  • The highest point is located on top of Skoumparda at an altitude of 327 metres.
  • In Leros the traditional island element coexists with urban neoclassicism and early Italian modernism.


About Rhodes Marina

We are building and managing a modern Μarina, with the highest standards, high levels of service and VIP facilities. An environmentally friendly Μarina that provides maximum security. We hope that Rhodes Marina will be one of the best in the world.  We also aim for it to become a major attraction for important sailing competitions and for all categories of yacht racing in the Aegean Sea.