Leros is ideal for trekking due to the topography of the terrain and the gentleness of its slopes. Most trails are marked and have designated areas for stops and picnics. We propose three tracks which stand out for the views, but also for their historical references.

  • From Platanos, the climb to the Panteliou castle lasts 30 minutes, without any stops.
  • From the church of Panagia Kavouradena to the cape Diapori there is a dirt road. The route passes from the edge of the cliff offering panoramic views of the sea and it ends in the buildings of the Italian artillery. It does not exceed a length of 1.5 km and it lasts 20 minutes.
  • From the war museum in Merikia, a dirt road passes through the barrier of Sikamia and crossing an area of sheepfolds it reaches a fork. The one part goes to the chapel of Prophet Elias, and the other leads to the Monastery of Agion Aggelon. In both cases, the path takes less than 1 hour.


If you take the size of Leros into account the number of diving centres is large. This is connected with the existence of a significant number of shipwrecks from the 2nd World War.

  • The sea bottom near the islet Stroggyli conceals a German landing craft type “H”.
  • The seabed in the harbour of Lakki has coiled Italian submarine networks and at a depth of 30 metres is the legendary wreck of "Queen Olga". The pride of the Greek fleet was sunk by German bombers Junker. The carcass of a similar aircraft is at a depth of 40 m. in the bay of Alinta.
  • Other remnants of World War II are located at the bottom of the beach Mplefouti and Rina. These are part of a bomber “Henkell 111” and the Italian ship “Ivorea”.





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