Dodekanisa guide KASTELLORIZO

General information

Kastelorizo, which is also known as Megisti, is the easternmost point of the Greek territory. It it occupies only 9 square kilometres and only has one settlement. It is located 135 km from the nearest large Greek island, Rhodes, and at the same time it is extremely close to the Turkish coast, just 3,6 km away. It is the largest of a cluster of fourteen small islands, which is why it is called Megisti (which means maximum in Greek). To its west lies another small Greek island, Ro. Castello Rosso means red fort in Italian, and this was the name of the medieval castle of the island because the tall rocks on which it had been built one were red, and this is where the name Kastelorizo ​​originates from.

Traditionally the inhabitants were engaged in shipping and fishing. The economy of the island was connected to the opposite coast of Lycia, mainly because of the distance. The island is part of the network of protected areas NATURA 2000, since it exhibits interesting biodiversity. Here you can find the Blue Cave, one of the largest and most beautiful underwater caves in Greece. The island’s traditional products are the fig spoon sweet, the “koulouritses” and the “soumada” (almond liqueur).



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