Dodekanisa guide KARPATHOS

General information

If you have the opportunity to visit the island of Karpathos, you will feel as if you entered a time machine and landed 60 years ago! Old fashioned values, customs left unchanged and hospitable people always willing to introduce you to the ritual of their everyday life and show you around the spooky, yet majestic landscape that will amaze you. Karpathos, also known as "Anemoesa" (anemos=wind), is the second largest island in the Dodecanese, located between Rhodes and Crete and along with Saria (which in antiquity was united with rest of the island) it covers an area of 321 sq km. The winds that prevail in the Karpathian Sea most of the time fully justify the second name given to it as it is one of the most turbulent passages of the Aegean.

  • Karpathos has 13 villages.
  • The largest port is situated in the capital at the southern tip of the island, Pigadia. Due to the great distance that separates the northern and southern side, in 1992 a smaller port was built in Diafani, a picturesque seaside village on the northern tip of the island.
  • Karpathos features lush vegetation and a landscape full of contrasts and alternations.
  • Together with the island of Saria it is one of the most important natural habitats, with rare species of plants and animals. There are two protected areas, which are part of the Natura 2000 network and species threatened with extinction live there, such as the Mediterranean monk seal and rare species of eagles.

The reverent love of the inhabitants for customs and traditions makes Karpathos the most authentically traditional island of Greece. When they are not ...enjoying themselves, the residents are engaged in fishing, farming and agriculture. However, the difficult living conditions and barren land, are forcing many of them to take the path of exile, which brought wealth to the island.


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