Dodekanisa guide KARPATHOS


Karpathos is known for its many beaches and its crystal clear waters. It is difficult to list them all of them, so we will mention some of the visitors’ favourites. The access is easy by car or boats that leave daily from Pigadia or Diafani.

Agios Minas. Crystal clear waters, white pebbles, ruins of ancient temples and the monastery of Agios Minas overlooking the sea.

Agios Nikolaos Arkasas. Shallow waters and an organised beach 500 metres from Arkasa, with views of the Ancient Citadel of Arkasa.

Apella. It is considered the most beautiful beach of Karpathos but also one of the leading beaches in the Mediterranean, with significant international awards for its crystal clear waters.

Afiartis. The beaches of Afiarti are more famous among water sports enthusiasts as they are very windy and ideal for wind-surfing! (more info:

Achata. A beautiful and quiet beach, surrounded by mountains with lush vegetation, white pebbles and sand. It is located near Pigadia and it can be easily reached by car or motorbike.

Vananta. It is located near Diafani, 20-30 minutes by foot, with white pebbles, a spring, and two picturesque churches on top of the rock. You can arrive by car or bike, or even by boat.

Kyra Panagia. The beautiful and much photographed beach of Kyra Panagia is located in a cove between two mountains, with a mixture of white sand and pebbles and crystal clear waters. In this small village there are few rooms and restaurants and during the summer months a boat from Pigadia stops to leave or receive visitors.

Palatia (ancient Nisyros). It is located on the islet of Saria and during the summer you can get there by the boats leaving the port of Diafani almost daily. The beach combines unparalleled natural beauty, ancient ruins of Saria and emerald waters.



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