Dodekanisa guide KARPATHOS



Karpathos is the ideal destination for lovers of diving: caves, archaeological sites, shipwrecks, rocky landscape and rich underwater life. In the capital of the island there is a diving centre which will help you travel in the magical depths of the island.

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The strong and constant winds have made Karpathos famous among water sports enthusiasts in the recent years. Experienced windsurfers will guide you in order for you to enjoy a safe and unique experience. For beginners and there is a special beach ... Chicken Bay!


1. Avlona-Vroukounta (1.5 hour)

This ancient route ends at the ancient monastery of St. John the Baptist, which is carved into an ancient rock which resembles a place of sacrifice. Rest at a massive stone that you can not miss and is almost halfway. Along the route there are scattered ancient tombs that testify the existence of an ancient civilization from the Bronze Age. If you are not frightened by the wild landscape and you want to enjoy the stars overlooking the sea, you can camp out for the night. The Festival of St. John is celebrated on 28 August, but the festival lasts three days (27-29) with dancing and singing. On the day of the festival traditional bean soup is offered to all and after the dance the festival is moved to Avlona.

2. Avlona-Tristomo (3.5 hours)

The most beautiful hikes begin from the humble settlement of Avlona. In this magnificent valley which is surrounded by huge mountains, time has stopped. The inhabitants of ancient Vroukoountas, and those who live in Olympos today, have their fields here which supply them with vegetables and cereals. The houses (stables) are simple and austere, with one single room, which serves as a kitchen, "living room" and bedroom (of course there is no toilet!). This charming route will lead you away from civilization, on the northern tip of the island. The characteristic blue-red lines will ensure your safe access and the beauty of Tristomo will reward you for your trouble. In Tristomo there are no permanent residents, only a few families who frequently visit their houses from Diafani via boat. At the entrance of the bay there are two large rocks that create three passages, hence the name of the region (tristomo=three mouths/passages). If you love virgin nature, you can stay overnight on the terrace of an old house and admire the stunning sunrise that paints the beautiful landscape with purple colours. The beauty of this magical place prompted the heirs of the old houses to start slowly renovating them in the recent years.



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