Company Our philosophy

Our philosophy

In the island of Rhodes we created a new Marina. A real jewel in the Mediterranean, worthy of the history and the culture of Rhodes. Our aim is to offer full services and facilities to our customers and their yachts, contributing to the development of high level marine tourism. The architecture of the Marina was inspired by the medieval city of Rhodes.

  • Rhodes Marina will operate throughout the year at the highest standards of security, offering mooring to yachts up to 120m.
  • The Marina campus has been designed to also serve as a relaxing site for locals and visitors of the island, as well as accessible and friendly to disabled people and their companions.
  • Our priority is the respect of the environment and visitor needs. The Marina is a place where visitors are welcomed to enjoy a promenade, refreshments and coffee, lunch or dinner, shopping or relaxing in a luxury surrounding by the sea.
  • Rhodes Marina is a Green Marina. We have planted more than 30.000 plants and trees, all being native species which thrive in Rhodes and Mediterranean, maintaining large green spaces.
  • We plan to use a significant part of our energy needs from renewable sources, to collect the CO2 of the area, to use mainly electric vehicles and to recycle wastes and sails used in boats.
  • We have developed modern infrastructures to fully control pollution, high capacity sewage system, rainwater and bilge collection system. Moreover, we have designed a fully electronic communication, protection and management system.


"Rhodes Marinas S.A." is a special purpose company which was established to develop, manage and operate the new Marina of Rhodes. The President and CEO of "Rhodes Marinas S.A." is Mr. Thomas Triantafillou.

The company has its headquarters in Rhodes, at Australias Street.


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About Rhodes Marina

We are building and managing a modern Μarina, with the highest standards, high levels of service and VIP facilities. An environmentally friendly Μarina that provides maximum security. We hope that Rhodes Marina will be one of the best in the world.  We also aim for it to become a major attraction for important sailing competitions and for all categories of yacht racing in the Aegean Sea.