Rhodes guide Beaches

East Coast

Agathi-Haraki. Agathi is one of the nicest beaches on the island. In addition to the wide sand and shallow waters, it offers a wonderful view to the Medieval castle of Feraklou which towers above it. The beach got its name from Aghia Agathi (Saint Agatha), and there is a small church nearby dedicated to her. Next to Agathi, there is the beach of Haraki –which does not, however, begin to compare with the stunning Agathi.

Aghios Pavlos. The smallest beach of Lindos, located in a narrow inlet on the south side of the acropolis rock. Despite its size, this tiny pebble beach attracts large crowds. Aghios Pavlos (Saint Paul) is said to have landed on this beach when he came to Rhodes – and a small white church now honors his memory.

Ellie (Rhodes beach). The most trendy and popular beach in the city of Rhodes, with countless umbrellas and loungers, as well as a beach bar on the sand. It is located at the northernmost tip of the island, extending from the old “Ellie” club to the Aquarium.

Faliraki. One of the most popular beaches in Rhodes –an endless forest of colorful umbrellas and sun loungers, surrounded by dozens of beach bars, hotels, and restaurants.

Glistra. An attractive beach south of Lardos, nestled in a cove far from the residential area. It has sun loungers with umbrellas, and two canteens.

Kalathos. A seemingly endless beach with soft sand and tiny pebbles. Not very crowded. There are loungers and umbrellas in certain parts of it. You can also enjoy sea sports, and have lunch at one of the nice small taverns.

Kallithea. The elongated cove of Kallithea, with its crystal clear waters and exotic vegetation, is favored by the residents of the city of Rhodes. The surroundings are fascinating –the beach is located in the impressive Kallithea SPA– and so is the rocky seabed.Diving schools based in Kallithea provide equipment and guidance to those who feel like having an underwater exploration.

Katsouni. A large beach with fine sand and shallow waters, ideal for small children. Just three kilometres south of the beach of Lardos.

Kolymbia. Two extended and organised beaches, surrounded by giant hotels, bars, and taverns. Perfect for those who like big crowds and water sports.

Kiotari. A huge sand-and-pebbles beach, reaching all the way to Lahania. There are several hotels, taverns, and beach bars along the shore, as well as umbrellas and sun loungers. You will also be able to enjoy water sports, such as windsurfing, jet skiing, and kiting.

Ladiko/Anthony Quinn Bay. Two small adjacent beaches near Faliraki. Ladiko is a tiny inlet with a sandy beach; next to it, the small Anthony Quinn beach -traditionally known as Váyes or Vayés – has pebbles and huge rocks in and out of the sea. There is a canteen operating above the beach. As for the name: When the famous actor Anthony Quinn came to Rhodes during the shooting of the film The Guns of Navarone, he negotiated buying this bay. The deal was never sealed, but the name remained...

Lardos. A sand-and-pebbles beach with sun loungers and umbrellas. You can indulge in sea sports or pay a visit to the go-kart track.

Mandomata. Next to Faliraki, you will come across the small beach of Mandomata. Very few people know it by its real name, since it is usually called the nudist beach. Be careful when going into the sea, because rocks in the shallows are quite slippery. There is a canteen with umbrellas and loungers.

Megalos Gialos. This is the main Lindos beach, on the north side of the acropolis rock. It is considered to be the most popular and crowded beach on the island. The sand is fine, the waters shallow, and the lines of umbrellas/loungers endless. You will find several fish taverns around it.

Pefkoi. A few decades ago, Pefkoi was a humble fishermen’s village; now, it is a touristic “extension” of Lindos, which is just four kilometres away. The beach is large, organised, and swarming with people. It is surrounded by a pine forest and many big hotel complexes.

Plimiri. A very quiet, 4.5-km long beach with black sand, at the tip of a wide bay. This is an area of particular ecological interest, since the sea turtles Caretta Caretta come to these sand dunes to lay their eggs. You can have lunch in the only tavern operating here. Do not forget to visit the small monastery of Zoodochos Pigi.

Prasonisi. A sandy spit projecting into the water, Prasonisi is the southernmost beach of Rhodes. Prasonisi is also the name of the verdant island just offshore. During summer, Rhodes and Prasonisi are connected by a narrow strip of sand, making it possible to walk from one island to the other. The strange thing about this place is that the sea is always rough on one side of the beach and calm on the other. This peculiarity has made Prasonisi very popular among surfers. There are windsurfing schools, hotels, fish taverns, and seaside cafés. On the islet, there is a 14-metre tall lighthouse built in 1890, and a small beach on the east side.

Stegna. This is the beach of Archangelos village. It is long, sandy, and rather quiet, with a small harbour at the tip of it. Here you will have the chance to eat at some of the best fish taverns on the island. There is also a beach volley court.

Traounou / Afandou / Plaka. Very long and wide, with sand and small pebbles. The first part of this beach is called Traounou or Traganou, the middle one Afandou, and the last one Plaka. There are loungers and umbrellas, while you can also enjoy sea sports. In Afandou, there is a golf course, and a motocross track in Traounou, where races are organised during summer.

Tsabika. One of the loveliest beaches in Rhodes –large, with fine sand dunes and shallow waters. There are several canteens here, as well as two sea sports schools. The famous monastery of Panagia (Virgin Mary) Tsabika towers on the rocks above the beach.

Vlyha. At the tip of the long Kalathos beach, three kilometres off Lindos, you will come across the beach of Vlyha. Most large hotel complexes of Lindos have been built around it.


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