Rhodes guide Beaches

West Coast

Apolakia. A vast beach in southern Rhodes, around 20-kilometres long. It usually has few visitors, because waves can get quite big when there is a strong southerly wind. The entire Apolakia cove has been included in the Natura 2000 European network.

Fannes. A long, sandy beach with a picturesque fish harbor on one side. There are no umbrellas and sun loungers here; just a couple of fish taverns and two windsurfing and kiting schools. Perfect if you would like to avoid big crowds.

Fournoi. After the castle of Monolithos, the asphalt road goes on for five kilometres to arrive at a dead end. There, you will find a small beach called Fournoi. It is very quiet. It is not organized and has only a small canteen. If you follow the path to the left of the beach, you will discover several secluded inlets, ideal for a quiet swim.

Ixia / Ialysos. Outside of the city of Rhodes and up to Ialysos village there is a long, organized beach with white sand and turquoise waters. Along the beach, you will find several windsurfing schools. Windsurfing, beach volley, and beach soccer tournaments are organized during summer. Luxury hotel complexes line the seaside avenue.

Kalavarda. A small, sandy beach with a few salt cedars at its tip. Though not organized, it does have a few freshwater showers, a beach bar, and a tavern. Usually not very crowded.

Kamiros. An organized beach with fine sand, ideal for a quiet swim, since it does not attract big crowds. You can have lunch at one of the nice small taverns.

Kremasti. The organized beach of Kremasti attracts many people due to the bars and water sports schools. You can explore the 10-km long shore on horseback.


About Rhodes Marina

We are building and managing a modern Μarina, with the highest standards, high levels of service and VIP facilities. An environmentally friendly Μarina that provides maximum security. We hope that Rhodes Marina will be one of the best in the world.  We also aim for it to become a major attraction for important sailing competitions and for all categories of yacht racing in the Aegean Sea.