Rhodes guide Must See


The castle of Monolithos, probably the most impressive castle of Rhodes, is located on a 236-metres high rock, facing the sea and Chalki. It was built by Grand Master d’ Aubusson, in 1476, over the ruins of an older Byzantine fortification. Inside the castle, there are two small churches: one ruined and one renovated. The road reaches the foot of the rock and then a stepped path goes up the castle. The route is short and much easier than it seems from below. However, if you want to save your strength, on the main road, opposite the castle, there is a perfect spot with a bench, allowing you to admire the castle and take pictures.


Some claim that Monolithos was not named after the rock on which the castle is built, but after a black monolith with metaphysical properties, brought by the Knights from the Holy Places. They even claim that this monolith is still there, buried. And if anyone ever dares to unbury it, the entire island will sink!


About Rhodes Marina

We are building and managing a modern Μarina, with the highest standards, high levels of service and VIP facilities. An environmentally friendly Μarina that provides maximum security. We hope that Rhodes Marina will be one of the best in the world.  We also aim for it to become a major attraction for important sailing competitions and for all categories of yacht racing in the Aegean Sea.