Marina Phases




  • 382 berths
  • yacht building and repair facilities (boatyard) with capacity to hoist boats up to 35.00 metres in LOA and 400 tons in DA
  • dry docking area of approximately 12,500 square metres and accommodating 250 boats.
  • Refuelling Station with a capacity of 240 cubic metres.
  • 5 Waste and bilge water collection stations
  • a surrounding area of 90 square metres which will include a waterfront, green spaces and gardens etc. 
  • an infrastructure network providing basic services (electricity, water, electronic devices, telecommunications, security, etc.)
  • telecommunications network (wired, wireless, fibre optics, etc.)
  • FTTB – Fibre-optic network with direct connection berth terminals.
  • VIP cameras – a network of cameras used exclusively by boat owners.
  • water supply network.
  • electricity supply.
  • television.
  • BMS - Buildings Management System.
  • CCTV – Close circuit television covering all areas of the marina.
  • PA (Public Address) and Audio Visual information systems.
  • lighting network.
  • controlled access network.
  • SCADA – supervisory control and data acquisition system.
  • firefighting and fire safety network.
  • network of thermal imaging cameras.
  • network of underwater cameras.

The Marina buildings will cover an area of approximately 5. 500 square metres.

  • central entrance guard building, 48.83 square metres.
  • emergency entrance guard building, 11.20 square metres.
  • administration Building, 356.66 square metres
  • public Services (customs, Port Authority Station and Police Station etc.), 19.63 square metres
  • outlets for Vessel maintenance agencies, 216.38 square metres.
  • 3 laundries with showers and toilets, 156.16 square metres each.
  • restaurant, 739.14 square metres.
  • coffee bar, 475.15 square metres.
  • super market, 1,197.19 square metres
  • gym, 1,011.87 square metres.
  • Duty free shop, 126.00 square metres.
  • 2 bank branches, 126.71 square metres.
  • kiosk, 15.73 square metres.
  • refuelling support building, 67.04 square metres.

During this phase we will construct buildings which will cover 19,000 square metres. Land will already have been allocated for these buildings during the A1 phase. These will include:

  • An indoor pool area with, a playground, a children’s play area, a spa/ beauty salon and hair salons etc.
  • Small, elegant retail units to accommodate restaurants, cafes, bakeries, clothes and accessory shops and jewellers etc will be built on the side towards the waterfront.
  • Premises for various city professionals, a small mall, tennis and squash courts and a helipad etc will be built behind the closed pool.   

On the side of the wharf, a multipurpose venue and sailing club will be housed in a building which will be reminiscent of an inverted sail (a hoisted sail is also the logo of Marines Rhodou S.A.). Conferences for up to 1,300 people, receptions, events, concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions etc., can be organised in this building. Free berths at the docks directly in front of the multipurpose venue will be offered to sailing clubs to accommodate members’ boats as we also wish to attract sailing clubs to our Marina.

During this phase 8 luxurious villas will be built in the Marina. These villas will provide the highest quality services and will offer design and functionality which is in line with that provided by boutique hotels. They will be part of the VIP service that the Marina offers to its most distinguished guests.


In the final phase of building the Marina will expand towards the Akandia (Sfagia) area. A further 181 berths will be created here and there will be an emphasis on berths which can accommodate mega yachts. A second fueling station will also be built in this area. There will be 11.000 square metres of buildings, which will be used as retail outlets, VIP residences etc., according to demand.



About Rhodes Marina

We are building and managing a modern Μarina, with the highest standards, high levels of service and VIP facilities. An environmentally friendly Μarina that provides maximum security. We hope that Rhodes Marina will be one of the best in the world.  We also aim for it to become a major attraction for important sailing competitions and for all categories of yacht racing in the Aegean Sea.