Global Voluntary Coastal Cleanup

17th September – 17th November 2022

Rhodes Marina is excited to be contributing to keeping our beaches clean by participating in the HELMEPA Global Voluntary Coastal Clean-up.

Keeping litter – such as rope, bottle caps, and plastic bags – out of the marine environment helps whales, birds, fish, and other sea life. Litter hurts these animals’ ability to move, eat and take care of their young when they ingest or get caught in it. Removing trash also makes the beach safer and more enjoyable for people to visit.

Our volunteers will help remove plastics and other marine debris as part of the this project. Each piece of trash removed will help support hundreds of species of birds and marine life that call our island home.

Our aim

  • Protecting our seas from litter
  • Realizing the extent of the problem up close
  • To share knowledge with friends, family and colleagues
  • Be part of the solution to a global challenge

Contributing to

  • Making a positive and measurable impact
  • Reducing our environmental footprint
  • Promoting sustainable development
  • Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN

ABOUT HELMEPA Global Voluntary Coastal Clean-up

HELMEPA records in detail the waste that has been collected (quantity by type) for a scientific study of the issues at hand. The results are processed by the HELMEPA and forwarded to the relevant international bodies for further exploitation.

For more about HELMEPA click here