Rhodes has one of the mildest climates in the world, with more than 300 sunny days per year

Rhodes is located in the south-east Aegean and is the largest island in the Dodecanese, the 4th largest island in Greece and the 9th largest in the Mediterranean Sea and a popular destination for sun-seekers and beach lovers. Greece is also one of the most prominent sailing hubs and yachting destinations in the Mediterranean. Located at the crossroads of two major sea routes of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea, it is the meeting point of three continents.

A sizeable international airport offers direct flights to major European cities, making it one of the most strategic locations in the region. With over three hundred days of sunshine a year and moderate temperatures throughout the seasons, there is never a bad time to enjoy the relaxed Greek way of life it offers. The community is diverse with a  multicultural heritage that dates back 14 centuries. Warm, friendly islanders, welcome visitors, and residents from all over the world.

Rhodes Island offers an idyllic mix of  striking natural beauty, excellent facilities, and unspoiled tradition.  With an uninterrupted line of golden beaches and lush green valleys at the foot of the imposing Mt. Ataviros – Rhodes is filled with magical landscapes that will rejuvenate your  body and soul.

Flight Time from Major Cities

A top tourist destination and strategic geographical location
  1. Aquarium
  2. Elli Beach
  3. Casino
  4. Mandraki Marina & New Market
  5. Archaeological Museum
  6. Commercial Port
  7. Old Town & Medieval Castle
  8. Rhodes Marina *
  9. Acropolis/Monte Smith
  10. Ancient Stadium
Limassol (Cyprus)
257.97 nmi
Agia Napa (Cyprus)
294.61 nmi
Beiruit  (Lebanon)
294.61 nmi
Alexandria (Egypt)
325.70 nmi
Tel Aviv (Israel)
417.94 nmi
Simi (Greece)
36 nmi 
Lindos, Rhodes
26 nmi 
Chalki (Greece)
59 nmi
Bodrum (Turkey)
33 nmi
Kos (Greece)
81 nmi 
Kastellorizo (Greece)
18 nmi 
Agios Nikolaos (Crete)
53 nmi 
Mykonos (Greece)
56 nmi 
Lavrion (Greece) 
81 nmi 



Greece is an incredibly popular European destination, welcoming over 30 million tourists a year. It offers unmatched natural beauty and a moderate climate all year round. Visitors are drawn to its astounding history and architecture. All these qualities are enjoyed with warm Greek culture and the ancient tradition of “philoxenia” meaning “friendly to a stranger.”

Accepted into the EU in 1981, a member of the International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organization – Greece offers a safe environment for investors and residents who enjoy a low cost, high standard lifestyle.

The country’s modern infrastructure equates to the highest European standards. Strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Greece has a prime geographical location. It is a natural gateway to over 140 million consumers in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. Greece is considered a hub for diverse emerging markets. Consumer goods, technology, energy tourism, infrastructure modernisation and light manufacturing are currently booming.

According to the Ernst & Young Attractiveness Survey Greece, 2020 – Greece has shown major improvement in many qualitative indices. Quality of life, telecommunications infrastructure, and the level of local labour skill are currently unprecedented. Coupled with their positive performance in sustainable development and their steady socio-political environment – Greece is making bold reforms in many critical sectors of the economy.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is resolutely pursuing further reform by lowering taxes and deregulating to become even more investor friendly. Considering the European Commission’s findings that Greece’s economic growth is higher than the EU average – their widespread improvements are on the right trajectory.

Greece’s large and diverse portfolio of real estate assets has played a significant role in attracting new investors and driving the economy. The country experienced an expansion of 3.4{093a37ac76a068b5ace21a94ee62490cbe45b6549365900e907217492f22d92f} in the second quarter of 2021, driven by sound investments.

Greece offers everything you could want from a new life abroad and now, with record levels of direct foreign investment, there has never been a better time to consider investing in Greece.