Marina Mooring 

The Docking Experience

The world-class, mixed use Rhodes Marina offers a safe and fully functional base for short-term and extended stays. It is the perfect starting point for travel in the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea and is ideally located near to the main commercial port with regular ferry itineraries. The International Airport that serves millions of visitors from all around the world is also just twenty minutes away.

Designed by master-planners and principal engineers to heighten the berthing experience this marina excels in high quality service, superior facilities, and a distinctive infrastructure. Everything has been carefully designed to ensure a secure berthing experience performed in the utmost safety, comfort, and convenience.

Most marinas in the Mediterranean rely on the infrastructure of the nearby city or town, but Rhodes Marina has been designed to offer a seamless transition between land and sea by offering land base services and facilities as you disembark.

  • Ν 36o 26' 16" | Ε 28o 14' 26"

  • Monitoring VHF Channel 71










Committed to harnessing and protecting the natural beauty of our marina surroundings, for the enjoyment of all.

On land and water, from design to operations, Rhodes Marina are committed to preserving the harbour and local environment. Exercising deep respect for the marine ecosystem and natural beauty of the sea, they recognize the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Rhodes Marina is passionate about raising awareness of environmental policies and introducing conscious practices for the responsible use of the sea. These steps ensure a prolonged and positive impact on the environment as well as maintaining sustainable tourism.

Action Projects

Rhodes Marina developed policies and direct-action projects that include but are not limited to:

  • Electricity production through renewable sources such as photovoltaic systems etc.
  • To collect carbon dioxide for reuse
  • To only use electric vehicles in the Marina
  • To build a pipeline-based seawater renewal system
  • To manage waste and bilge water from vessels
  • To collect and recycle rubbish
  • To collect and recycle sails
  • To operate an Action Plan for addressing any environmental contamination
  • To protect the Marina from the residues of paints used for vessels.


Optimising the use of new technology was part of the vision designing the Rhodes Marina.

Integrated technical solutions to manage the marinas resources and facilities have been introduced to heighten the overall berthing experience. Fibre optic internet and cable connection to satellite and terrestrial TV is on hand. Direct IP connection is available at the berth terminals for immediate and secure data connections using both wire and wireless data networks that provide high-speed internet feeds.

Guests can utilize the marina’s specialized mobile application for personalized communication and access all the information they need from their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


Discerning boat owners prefer a secure environment that preserves the visual pleasure of the waterfront with unobtrusive security. Rhodes Marina ensures real time, 24×7 supervisory control that is discreet but vigilant. There are robust systems in place for emergencies, Hi-tech physical surveillance systems such as thermal imaging and underwater cameras are in use along with, alarms, CCTV and fire detection. Access is controlled and consistently monitored. Owners are able to check on their vessel in real time with the VIP CCTV system.


A well-run marina sets the tone for the overall boating adventure. Rhodes Marina ensures your docking experience is efficient and safe by providing a well-maintained, superbly managed environment with iconic facilities.