Rhodes Marina meets the ideals and vision of the
Prime Minister of Greece.

Rhodes Marina received high praise from Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis this past week as he lauded it “a marina that Rhodes deserves.”

The recognition came as no surprise to those who appreciate the Prime Minister’s mandate for reform, his desire for job creation and the idealisation of an investor friendly Greece because:

Rhodes Marina meets the ideals and vision of the Prime Minister of Greece.

  • The drive for a “green” revolution,
  • a desire for sustainable development and
  • a commitment to the promotion of innovation.

All these values and motivations are present in the Rhodes Marina development – and the admiration is well deserved.

Rhodes Marina exemplifies sustainable development and investment in Greece.

The project, budgeted at 150 million euros, and funded through national and EU resources, will include a land and sea extension with building upgrades that will host up to 250 businesses and increase the berthing capacity for larger vessels. Over 500 jobs will become available during the construction phase, with hosted businesses providing sustainable employment for over 1,200 people upon completion. In addition, approximately 1,000 parking spaces will be created near the historic centre of Rhodes Town and the medieval City of Rhodes. Traffic relief and increased visitation to consumer outlets will follow, attracting new investment and capital to the country as local businesses grow considerably. Living conditions for the local population and visitors will improve with the installation of professional facilities and up market homes related to the activity of the marina.

Rhodes Marina boosts sustainable tourism and local business growth in Greece.

Rhodes Marina will place Greece at the core of the European Union and the Eurozone with its innovative design and strategic location. Situated at the crossroads of three continents, the marina will boost Rhodes Island to become a hub – inviting guests to experience the natural beauty, history, and warm hospitality of Greece. The increase in sustainable local tourism will automatically spark a rise in all basic services on the island, with local business owners, professionals and residents all benefitting from this illustrious project. The diversification of Rhodes Island’s domestic tourism will also be promoted internationally, with Rhodes Marina’s powerful presence at the largest international exhibitions and events. They will lay the foundation for the development of maritime tourism in Greece with their modern and innovative operations, which will lead to the establishment of more upmarket marinas in the country.

Rhodes Marina promotes progress with responsibility in Greece.

Rhodes Marina has adopted modern environmentally friendly practices for their business operations. This project will be a model to utilize “green” solutions, with the construction of energy class A buildings. The Rhodes Marina development will also rehabilitate degraded areas of the island – taking corporate responsibility to new highs. Their upgrade of the infrastructure and wider area surrounding the marina shows that Rhodes Marinas’ commitment to social responsibility is unprecedented. Their efforts in youth educational activities and educational events are already appreciated by the local community. Rhodes Marina has taken the reforestation of the area surrounding the marina to heart and will continue to plant and maintain this region, leaving their green fingerprint embedded in the countryside forever.

Rhodes Marina is at the forefront of technological breakthroughs and digital solutions in Greece.

Rhodes Marina will use advanced technology and equipment in its operations. Including but not limited to computer systems for monitoring, innovative use and control of marine fuels, engine use and the identification of safety hazards and environmental pollution. These technological advancements will play a large role in boosting the maritime community of the Rhodes Marina to maintain its global competitiveness. The Rhodes marina’s concerted and effective use of technology will continue to prove invaluable and ensure that the marina is a safe and environmentally sound maritime hub.

Rhodes Marina is a revolutionary project for Greece.

Never before, has a project in Greece encompassed all the elements of a new era of development like the Rhodes Marina. Their efforts in investment growth, technology, digital management, green solutions, innovative applications, corporate social responsibility, and the upgrading and diversification of tourism in the region will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis noted that Greece has embarked on a sustained boom that will surprise analysts with its durability and strength, and Rhodes Marina is proud to be part of this successful growth story.