Yacht Club


Exclusive membership in a stunning destination

The four storey Yachting club in the marina will have the proud distinction of being one of the most upscale locations in the world, matching the grandeur of its vessels. Continually striving to give its respected members an unparalleled experience in every facet of the club, Rhodes Marina will embody the true spirit of excellence in this state-of-the-art facility.

Established in a naturally beautiful setting – the club will welcome its visitors to a paradisiacal environment offering an endless list of activities. 

Luxury that focuses on comfort, aesthetics and exclusivity

Gourmet dining

Cosy bars
& coffee shops

Boutique retail outlets

Spa and wellness centre

Conference facilities

Event Venues

fine dining

From gourmet dining in the finest restaurants to the cosy bars and coffee shops – their award-winning formula of service excellence will be ever present.


The cosmopolitan club will offer boutique retail outlets for discerning shoppers and wellness facilities that provide a variety of relaxation and beauty treatments.

Conference facilities

Upscale conference facilities that can host premium networking events and gatherings are also available.